Dr. Greg Madison is a Chartered Psychologist (BPS/HCPC) and Registered existential Psychotherapist (UKCP/EAP) working in private practice, online only (I will announce if I return to pre-covid consulting rooms in Brighton & central London). Greg’s academic studies in psychology began in 1979. He has been practicing as a psychotherapist and Focusing trainer for over 30 years. He is also a registered coaching psychologist, accredited mediator, senior lecturer, clinical supervisor, author and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Over the years, Greg has been exposed to many psychological theories and most of the various models of psychotherapy. These, sometimes competing theories and models, suggest that there is still much that we can learn about psychology, and about life. Greg believes that it is crucial that we remain as open as possible to the complexity of human existence. Each person teaches us a lot about the everyday dilemmas we all encounter throughout life.

In his work, Dr. Madison emphasises what a person concretely experiences and how each of us makes unique sense of how we live. This requires taking account of our cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and relational spheres of being – balancing the intellect and emotions. Through therapy sessions, we increase our self-awareness and practice specific skills that help us maintain a meaningful balance that expresses how we would really like to live.

Greg balances his various professional activities by keeping his clinical practice contained over three days/week meaning that his practice may be currently full. 

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Dr Greg Madison - Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist
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