Living through the pandemic, alone….
CBC News stories of people self-isolating during the Corona virus pandemic.

Living through the pandemic, alone….

This is a collection of brief accounts of what it is like to be isolating alone during the Coronavirus pandemic…

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“In Corona Times”
A conversation of existential themes of our current pandemic situation.

“In Corona Times”

Spinelli & Madison. In Corona Times (An Existential Take) Ernesto Spinelli and Greg Madison, both existential psychologists living in the…

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Public Day on Focusing

Greg offered a one-day training event in Brighton to experience the practice of Focusing. A group of 25-30 people enjoyed…

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iTunes podcast with Greg
Therapedia London Ltd

iTunes podcast with Greg

In the link below you will find a podcast where Dr Madison guides his interviewer through a brief Focusing experience.…

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Questioning Diagnosis

It is not new for psychiatric diagnosis to be challenged. For years, both psychologists and psychiatrists have questioned the basis…

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