About Dr Greg Madison

Originally from Canada, I have lived, worked, and studied over half my life in Europe, Norway, Ireland, Sheffield, London and Brighton & Hove.

In addition to maintaining a private practice in counselling psychology and psychotherapy, I lecture worldwide and serve as a visiting lecturer on the faculties of psychotherapy and counselling psychology trainings in various countries in Europe, Australia and North America. Now, after Covid, many of these trainings are mostly online. 

I have worked therapeutically with people in a great variety of settings from high-level public figures to children living on the street. At the moment I specialise in working with high profile and highly successful people online and internationally. 

As an Experienced Senior Psychologist and Psychotherapist, I work with most issues including:

  • Somatic experiences, medical issues, bodily feelings and sensations 
  • Medical professionals experiencing stress and help with work/life balance
  • Identity issues including difference, sexuality, being an ‘outsider’, ‘not-belonging’, issues of ‘home’ and inter-cultural relocation
  • Highly successful creatives, executives and business professionals and the existential issues associated with these careers
  • Lack of meaning and major life choices
  • Life transitions, decisions and uncertainty
  • Supervising experienced psychotherapists, psychologists, and executive coaches
  • Training health professionals and teams in the body-mindfulness practice of Focusing

I have also published a number of books, articles and book chapters. Please view the Publications page for further details.

For further information or to book an appointment:

Email Dr. Greg Madison

Dr Greg Madison

I offer a range of online psychological therapeutic services via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom for local and international clients

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