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Experiential Philosophy

The fifth episode of The Living Process is now available. This episode features Dr Donata Schoeller as my guest. It is a shorter episode because we decided to follow it up with further episodes where we will concentrate on specific areas, especially for outreach to people who are not already very familiar with Focusing, Focusing Oriented Therapy, or Eugene Gendlin’s philosophy. Please read below…

Dr Donata Schoeller is a philosopher who teaches internationally at various universities and is the academic director of the program “Training in Embodied Critical Thinking. In addition to her work on Gendlin’s philosophy, Donata has also worked in depth on Meister Eckhart. She has published extensively on Gendlin’s philosophy and was involved in translating Gendlin’s text A Process Model into German. She teaches Thinking at the Edge and is a Focusing trainer offering courses in Switzerland.

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