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Experiential work with couples and groups. Episode 6 of The Living Process

Welcome to Episode 06 of The Living Process. Greg’s guess is Yehudit First, a qualified Body Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator as well as a Focusing Oriented Therapist and a Focusing Coordinator from Israel. Yehudit is experienced as a therapist for individuals and couples, as well as a popular teacher and trainer of Focusing and FOT. She is well-known for her development of the Focusing space into explicit interpersonal interaction in the form of Social Oriented Focusing (SOF). In a gentle Focusing environment, SOF allows delicate issues of human relationships to be explored while really meeting each other. Yehudit teaches SOF online to international Focusers, and uses it to facilitate individual, group and couple therapy processes in her clinic and via Zoom. For more information on her trainings see: In this session Yehudit and Greg speak about her way of developing from a body therapist to integrating Focusing and felt sensing into her practice with individuals and also with couples. In the couple work Yehudit includes aspects of social oriented focusing (SOF) in order to help couples speak from their present moment experiencing and then respond to what the other person has shared about their bodily presence. She then describes the SOF process in some detail, with dyads working together in specific ways, and also with larger group work. It is a fascinating process of expanding our usual Focusing awareness into a broader awareness of how to be authentic with oneself and each other while feeling grounded and safe. The Social Oriented Focusing model is an exciting and needed development within Focusing and happily Yehudit tells us that a book is in process.