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Greg Madison, Focusing

Embodied Meditation for those in Solitary Self-Isolation

I have been thinking especially of those of us who are living alone and now isolated on our own. I wanted to offer a series of very simple Focusing practices for us to keep ourselves company and ‘fill in’ some of the relationships that we may now be missing. Of course, it’s applicable for anyone else too. We are all experiencing this uncanny period in human history. Being a psychotherapist or psychologist does not make me immune or exclude me from dealing with the weirdness of it all. Like everyone, I also need to find ways to adapt and cope, so I am doing the practice as I describe it. It’s for me too. I spontaneously recorded this before going out on my ‘Boris Break’. Future recordings could have a more specific intention, this one is general and basic. If anyone finds this of any use, feel free to share it anywhere. I am not promoting or selling anything, so no permission required. #Focusing #Coronacare #selfisolating #mindfulness #existentialpractice #solitaryselffocusing